Unlimited Expedition offer Climbing and Trekking Expeditions in Perú- Cordillera Blanca & Cordillera Huayhuash. Our Expeditions are all inclusive itineraries that range from 4 to 15 days or even more and include climbing Huascaran and Alpamayo mountains, they have been designed to make the most out of your travelling time and budget, while offering unique accommodation options, well planned with varied activities, and a cultural touch by interacting with the people of the areas that we visit and get to know more about the life of the Andean people of Perú.

Pisco - Chopicalqui
Duration: 07 Days/06 Nights
Highest Point: 6354m.
Route: Climbing Nevado Pisco Chopicalqui
Recommended season: Early May to Late August
Difficulty: Moderate
Number of persons per Guide: 2- 3 Person

The Pisco and the Chopicalqui mountains are part of the Cordillera Blanca and these in turn are part of a mountain range called Massif de Huandoy and Massif de Huascaran. The first mountain is quite well known and very popular due to its easy access and spectacular views from the summit; In addition to being an ideal mountain to achieve good acclimatization and then climb more technically challenging mountains.

On the other hand, the mountain of Chopicalqui 6354m., Is the third peak of the Huascarán massif and is located between the two peaks of Huascarán and Contrahierbas mount; also along our ascent towards the summit you will have spectacular views of several peaks of the Cordillera Blanca including the Huascarán, Huandoy, Pisco, Chacraraju, Contrahierbas, etc...


Day 01: Huaraz- Yuraccoral 3870 m. - Pisco Base Camp 4650 m.
From the city of Huaraz, we will take a private transport to the northeast to the place called Yuraccoral, the approximate travel time is 3 hours and along the way, you will be able to see incredible landscapes and fertile cultivation fields, as well as two beautiful lagoons: Chinancocha (lag. Female) and Orconcocha (lag. Macho) within the LLanganuco Valley, after 3 hours of travel we finally arrive at Yuraccorral, where we will start with our walk towards the base camp of Pisco mount, the walk lasts approximately 4 to 5 hours, along a path that ascends gradually to our first camp.

Day 02: Base Camp- Pisco Summit 5752 m. - Base Camp
Today we begin our hike very early, we leave at 1:00 AM and crossing a path of brunettes to reach the glacier where we put all the climbing equipment to start with our ascent towards the summit of the Pisco Mount. We pass very steep slopes with an inclination of 35-40 °. Once at the summit we will have impressive views of many peaks around us, including the imposing Chacraraju, Artesonraju (which is used as a Paramount Pictures logo), the 4 peaks of the Huandoy, Caraz, Huascaran, and even the Alpamayo that is known as the most beautiful mountain in the world and others. After a restful and relaxing break we descend to the base camp. It will take us 7-8 hours approximately.

Day 03: Pisco Base Camp - Chopicalqui Base Camp
After breakfast, we descend from the base camp of Pisco towards Cebollapampa and then continue walking to the base camp of Chopicalqui, this day will be relatively easy since most of the way is to descend.

Day 04: Base Camp 4430 m – Moraine Camp 4820 m.
We will begin our walk together with our team of workers such as: porters and the cook along a ridge until we reach Moraine Camp, where we will spend the night. This day is a bit more relaxed since in distance it is not very long and the walking time is Approximately 3 to 4 hours

Day 05: Moraine Camp- Campo Alto 5380 m.
We will start the hike surfing a bit several moraines until we reach the glacier. Once on the glacier we put on the appropriate equipment and then start our trip to the 5380m high camp, where we will establish the camp and have the afternoon free to rest and prepare for the next day. Approximately 4 hours.

Day 06: High Camp- Chopicalqui Summit 6354- Moraine Camp
We will start our hike very early, when we average 1 am, we begin to ascend until we reach the ridge, before continuing to the first wall (50m, 50-60 °) we walk on the ridge and then to the second wall (60m, 50 -65 °), keep in mind that the inclination varies every year. After passing the second wall we reach the top, from here you will have magnificent views of the surrounding mountains. After resting and having taken several photos, we will descend to Moraine Camp. Approximately Hike 5-6 hours.

Day 07: Moraine Camp - Huaraz
On the last day, we will descend until we reach the road, where our private transport will be waiting for us to bring us back to the city of Huaraz. Travel time in transport is approximately 3 to 4 hours.



  • All private tours, all private transport and the price system guarantees your departure and only with your team members.
  • Official bilingual guides with good manners and social behavior
  • Official mountain cooks (Our expeditions always go with guide & cook, amount depending on the amount of participants).
  • Good and varied food - best quality (vegetarian option).
  • Climbing in the Cordillera Blanca always with accredited guides, no exceptions.
  • Porters, donkeys and donkey drivers, amount depending on the amount of participants and nature of your expedition.
  • We respect working conditions and local tariffs of staff - no exploitation
  • Imported tents from Eureka, Mountain Hard ware, North face and Ferrino brand, 3 person tents for every 2 customers, 2 person tent for every single person.
  • All camping equipment and cooking/eating utensils.
  • Self inflating Matresses (Thermarest)
  • Clients carry day pack only, approx. 12 kg per client on the donkeys
  • Safety horses in case of emergency or fatigue (until 6 pax -> 1 horse, until 12 pax -> 2 horses, until 18 pax -> 3 horses …).
  • All entrance fees
  • First aid kit and oxygen bottle


  • Not mentioned or additional beverages or meals in villages
  • Sleeping bag (rental US $ 7.00 per day + US $ 5.00 for obligatory laundry)
  • Breakfast on the 1st day (hotel) and dinner on the last day.
  • Tip for the staff
  • Travel accidents and health insurance
  • Return or abortion otherwise as planned itinerary: transport & possible accommodation costs (also for staff)
  • Personal mountain equipment.


Dear client,
We understand how important it is for our clients to have the right equipment on their trips. That’s why we provide you with this Climbing Equipment and Gear List, which gives you a detailed inventory of all the items you need during your excursion.
We recommend to always purchasing quality equipment: we realize that this may be expensive, but it can mean the difference between reaching a summit and not.
Some (technical) equipment can be provided by Unlimited Expedition (as indicated below); please let us know beforehand if you bring these items yourself or if you would like to use Unlimited Expedition gear.
Kindest regards,
Unlimited Expedition

- Outer socks, thick wool or polypropylene - 1 pair
- Inner socks, thin silk or polypropylene - 1 pair
- Plastic double mountaineering boots – 1 pair
- Gaiters – 1 pair

- Lightweight polypropylene - 1
- Fleece jacket - 1
- Breathable windproof outer jacket, such as Gore-Tex, with hood - 1

- Polypropylene or underpants - 1 pair
- Fleece pants (full length side zippers recommended) – 1 pair
- Breathable windproof pants such as Gore-Tex – 1 pair

- Mittens, thick fleece - 1 pair
- Gloves, polypropylene or capilene - 1 pair
- Gore-Tex wind shells for mittens- 1 pair

- Balaclava - 1
- Baseball cap - 1

- Down or polar guard sleeping bag comfortable to minus 10 Celsius - 1

- Backpack large (50+ liters) - 1

- Ice axe 70 cm
- Crampons, 12 points
- Ski poles
- Climbing harness
- Climbing helmet